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Whether you are using DVD for trade shows, company training, or mailouts to potential customers, we have award winning experience with DVD production.


Sonic Solutions DVD A trade show DVD for use at the National Association of Broadcasters Convention. DVD was used on large screen presentation systems and was handed out as a walkaway from the trade show. DVD included clips from Hollywood feature films, commercial ads and educational programs. DVD used to demonstrate all of the capabilities of DVD to include surround sound, web connectivity and multiple languages/views.
AFIS DVD A DVD created as one of the first DVDs for the Department of Defense. The DVD explored the first use of a DVD to meet Section 508 requirements for making electronic information accessible for people with disabilities. DVD had voice over descriptive narration and subtitles and a user could select how they wanted the video presented. It also had web connectivety so the user could check to make sure they had the most current version.
StorageTek DVD An educational DVD used to train sales people on the pros and cons of their high tech product versus the competition. Demo showed the technical capabilities of their new system compared to their competition's leading product. Indepth presentation used to brief all sales people around the world to rapidly take product to market and seize upon their window of opportunity.
HP DVD A DVD used in conjunction with a web based search interface for an international trade show to run product demos of individual products. The user would query their needs and then a list of product video clips would come up to allow the user to select them and play the individual video clips. DVDs were used at each workstation to preclude the congestion on the trade show network for multiple workstations streaming video.
FSU DVD A DVD used to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Florida State University football coach Bobby Bowden. The DVD showed highlights of his favorite games, interviews of the coach and testimonials from key players who played for him over the years.


Sexton & Co. has been providing DVD production services to the Rocky Mountain Region since 1998. We were one of the first DVD production companies in the Denver, Colorado area. We have attended numerous professional seminars around the region and were personally trained by Sonic Solutions in a week long training course. With newer technologies the capabilies have matured but the concept is still the same -- you need to tell a compelling story.


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