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A lot of our emails are proprietary to the companies that we have performed the work for and we are precluded from showing many of them. Please click on the thumbnail image below to view it full size. Click return to come back to this page. We can show you more if you contact us.


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A simple email designed to generate more attendees for a series of seminars. Please

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Redfeather Snow Shows email An email set up to go to Redfeather distributors whenever a snow storm hit a particular area of the country. We would follow the storms as they tracked across the U.S. and send out the emails. It included a simple flash animation of snow and music. Please click your back button to come back to this page.


Email marketing involves more than just a simple email out to a database list. One of the most valuable assets a company can have is an opt-in email-marketing database. Having such a database creates a marketing program that allows you to bypass traditional media gatekeepers. A robust company email database is more than just a means to communicate with your target audience – it adds value and equity to your company. Sexton & Co. offers a wide range of email hosting, management, production, and tracking solutions. When used in combination with our lead generation services, email can help you to grow your email list into a comprehensive branding and sales channel, turning your advertising expenses into a long term investment. Our tracking solutions provides easy-to-read reports on how many emails got opened; what links were clicked; and calls to action and conversions by measuring landing page effectiveness. In addition, our technology tells us who in your list clicked (and what they clicked on) so reps can prioritize their call lists by what prospects had a recent online visit with your company.


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