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With increased bandwidth offered to consumers and companies these days, web animation has increased by leaps and bounds. Adobe Flash has taken the lead, however even Microsoft's new Silverlight technology is starting to gain ground. With embedded video compression these technologies now allow you to integrate video with traditional cell animation for compelling story telling capabilities. Flash can be used to add a finishing touch to an already great design, to create a high impact presentation or even to create an entire web site. Sexton & Co. Marketing has been making award winning animations for companies the past thirteen years.

Adobe Flash is a powerful and versatile tool for designing and delivering low-bandwidth animations, presentations and web sites. Using our C.O.D.E. (Create Once Deliver Everywhere) process we have created animations for the web and repurposed them for trade shows and PowerPoint presentations. We can animate in flash as well as programming in the flash language, action script and integrate Flash video files.

Click here to see several examples of work we have done in Flash.


Sexton & Co. can energize the way you present yourself, while at the same time, we’ll ensure that nothing compromises your search engine optimization or your business message. The main advantage of Flash is that is that it can enhance visitor experience - and provide elements (such as animation, sound and interactivity) that cannot be so easily achieved with an HTML website. Crafting a well written script with compelling images, narration and music with a call to action can often sell in one minute what would take hours to do with a traditional web site.

Although an entire flash based Web site may not right for you, implementing flash based elements just might be. We can add some life to your Web site by animating your logo or creating a flash header or element for use on some or all of your Web pages.


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