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Your Web Site Analysis

We pay close attention to your website's traffic analysis package, to measure the effectiveness of your online business. If you don't have an analysis package we will install one to develop a baseline of the effectiveness of your web site. To maximize your success, we develop a clear Internet strategy - the goals of your web site and track them. Your success criteria should also include the presentation elements, the look and feel, the navigational flow and text optimized for search engines.

Your Competitors

The first thing to realize is that a Web site competitive analysis is usually performed to see what they are doing right -- and where you can compete more effectively against them. We also examine how they are doing their online marketing. We want to know what the competition is doing and how we can do it better. Obviously, our expertise is in usability and user experience design, but we also are looking at the information presented. Our goal is to provide you with data for making smart business decisions. Just about every company has a list of companies they "target" -- that special group of companies you want to beat soundly in the marketplace.

The Final Report -
In short a strong web site analysis provides you with an overview of your site, your competitors sites, how effective everyone is performing online to provide. Without an analysis of where you have been it is difficult to develop a baseline perspective of where you should go. The next step is for strategy development.


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